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The all new xnPOS GO provides your guests with a safe contactless environment together with the freedom to order and pay from wherever they are in your hotel – in their rooms, the restaurant or bar … or relaxing by the pool

With xnPOS GO

  • Improve the efficiency of guest service throughout your property with reduced staff costs
  • Increase average check size through targeted upselling
  • Enhance guest satisfaction by reducing wait time to order and pay
Research suggests that mobile ordering can increase spend per head by 10-30% with well designed up selling prompts as a seamless part of the customer journey

No app to download

No need for your guest to download an app as guests simply access xnPOS GO by scanning a QR code which can be personalized with your hotel or restaurant logo and can be unique to each room, table, cabana or lounger

qr code
flexible menus managed in the cloud

Flexible menus managed in the cloud

Fully configurable menu screens with rich detail and easy to navigate fully expandable panels. All item set up and maintenance is performed in the main xnPOS Cloud Portal which eliminates any time consuming in the update of multiple unconnected systems

Feature rich

Feature rich easy to use information including

  • Fully configurable filters for allergens and specific dietary requirements
  • Authenticate guest’s room number prior to ordering
  • Prompted up sell of additional dishes or beverages
  • Real time menu reflecting actual item availability
  • Modifiers for guest preferences
  • Ability to use promotion codes and leave gratuities
  • Calorie labelling 
Feature rich
multi language-1


Menu items are easily translatable into any foreign language giving your foreign guests more confidence when ordering which increases average order size and also reduces errors and customers complaints

Connected directly to the kitchen

Orders from xnPOS GO can be sent direct ( or via a POS workstation for authorization ) to the kitchen avoiding any delays in service and also the time consuming need to re-input order details associated with the use of unconnected ordering applications

direct to the kitchen
Room Service

Multiple payment options

xnPOS GO give your guests multiple payment options either using a credit card to pay using their own mobile device or charge the bill to their room. Alternatively a guest can choose to call a server for assistance and make an alternative method of payment

xnPOS GO is perfect for room service

In addition to ordering and paying for their room service your guests can also use xnPOS GO to ask for their tray to be collected with the request creating an alert on a member of your teams xnPOS Mobile device


Guests can now order their breakfast on xnPOS GO for delivery the next morning at their chosen time 

xnPOS GO is perfect for room service-1


With xnPOS QR PAY guests can use their mobile phone to safely and securely pay for any food or drinks ordered from anywhere in your hotel …. just scan , sign and pay