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xnPOS achieves certified integration with Infor Hotel Management System

Hotels using Infor HMS as their property management system can now benefit from the powerful features and functionality within xnPOS, the leading point of sale system designed specifically for hotels

International point of sale software vendor, Xn Global Systems, is delighted to announce that it has completed the certification of xnPOS with the leading property management system, Infor Hospitality Management Solution ( “Infor HMS”). 



The new two-way interface connectivity and messaging means guest and billing information is seamlessly communicated between the property management and the point of sale systems. Food & Beverage employees can see Comments & Guest Preferences and other valuable information pulled from the PMS,  while the Front of Office team can access a full copy of the check in Infor HMS, as all transaction details are sent in full from xnPOS.


Mark Pearman, Chief Commercial Officer, Xn Global Systems, commented:

“We are delighted to have successfully completed the certification for xnPOS to Infor HMS. This new integration gives increased choice and flexibility to all our customers by adding another market leading property management system to our library of interfaces. With this new two-way interface, independent hotels and groups using Infor HMS can fully utilize the rich features and functionality provided by xnPOS. We look forward to working with the team at Infor on future projects.”


Stan van Roji, vice President Product Strategy , Infor Hospitality, commented :

Both Infor and xnPOS share a common goal of providing customers with comprehensive business solutions to boost profits, create new efficiencies, and elevate the overall guest experience, which is especially important given the current environment where hoteliers must leverage every opportunity available to them to stand out.

Our integration can provide each hotelier with the capability to create frictionless experiences when it comes to POS systems and we are excited to work alongside xnPOS in creating a valuable tool that provides two-way interface connectivity between the property management and point of sale systems, enhancing bottom line results and removing admin burdens.”


About xnPOS

xnPOS is a fully internationalized food & beverage point of sale system designed to meet the specific requirements of the hotel industry. It is a centrally managed, full-service, cloud system with enterprise scalability, security and performance. With a focus on self-service for guests and mobility for hotel team members, xnPOS can help revolutionize your hotel service and dramatically reduce operating costs. Xn Global Systems operates from offices in the US, UK and Dubai, with xnPOS successfully installed in hotels in some 50 countries worldwide.

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About Infor Hospitality Management System

An advanced hotel property management solution should be more than just a single system. It should be the hub of hotel operations that connects all systems for hotels, resorts, and casinos. Your hotel PMS should be a holistic hospitality technology platform that connects every aspect of operations to the guest experience, creating a seamless journey that helps your organization meet and exceed the highest standards. It should provide the basis for long-term relationships with guests, and the revenues and profitability that goes with them.

Infor® Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) is a hotel PMS built in the cloud to consistently meet and exceed modern guest expectations. With Infor HMS, hospitality organizations can better manage operations, deliver exceptional guest services, and provide a rich experience for all. The solution provides scalability that can help meet your present needs, along with whatever the future brings.

For further details see www.infor.com/products/hms



Announcement dated 29 May 2024


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